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Some basic information about ActivityPub

Thursday 07/11/2019 09:25:49 / Latest Version

It is a W3C recommendation:

Prominent implementations are Mastodon ( and Pleroma ( There are several others and mobile clients as well.

The network is federated, meaning that users of different "instances" (servers) can talk to each other. Instances are run by individuals, non-profits and corporations. They can have one user or many thousands. The funding models vary. Moderation is local to each instance.


Zach Copley
Monday 09/12/2019 05:39:05

+1 for ActivityPub

Mitra Ardron
Wednesday 20/11/2019 21:33:02

Anyone hear anything about WT.Social and ActivityPub - is WT.Social going to have open API's by supporting ActivityPub or something else, or is it going to be another walled-garden trying to compete with Facebook on its own ?

Andreas Hund
Saturday 16/11/2019 17:02:01

I agree, the decentralized social networking protocol of W3C is the way to go. Just like html, emails or SMS we have to get back to protocols that can be shared across platforms. Is using ActivityPub?

Benoit Maison
Friday 08/11/2019 09:10:58

To be clear, I have no part in the development or the running of the network. I am just a happy Mastodon user who wishes more sites (like would federate, pool resources and multiply their reach.

Jimmy Wales
Thursday 07/11/2019 16:07:17

Very cool